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Block Mates Safari Animals
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Block Mates Safari Animals

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Safari Animals

"Block Mates are the all-new block play sensation that will revolutionize and revitalize the way that kids play with unit blocks. Slide the Block Mates onto a traditional-sized unit block to create fun play friends! Pieces slide on easily and fit snugly thanks to the patented "Slip-Grip" system! Match the colors to assemble familiar animals, or mix-and-match the pieces to create your very own! Block Mates create a whole new world of block play creativity and ignite the imagination while enhancing fine motor and color matching skills. Ages 3+

Set does not include unit blocks. Unit Block Set of 5qty - G7600 can be purchase separately. What COULD you do with your Block Mate Animals? •have your child take the animal “parts” on and off. Great use of fine motor skills and coordination combined with some concentration. •mix all the parts up on a box and have them separate according to head, feet, tail, etc. •What’s wrong with this animal? Have your child correct the three wrong pieces or simplify for younger children, and have one animal part in the wrong place. •sort by color •have a pretend animal race. Using a dice, have your child roll the dice. Whatever the number reveals, have the animal walk that many “steps” hops. Winner animal receives some pretend food. •have the child place the parts of each animal on separate wooden block as you relay the sound the animal makes. So first, you would oink – on goes the head. Then, you might neigh – on goes a horse body part on a different block and so on . . . •study about each animal! Read a book.