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Block Science

Introducing Block Science

A system created around physics to harness the energy of play.

Block Science Foundation Sets

This pioneering extension of the unit blocks system adds a rich layer of cognitive development to traditional classroom block play. The Foundation Sets are designed to exercise early engineering concepts, collaboration, and the study of matter, motion and mathematics. Plastic building and roadway clips stabilize builds, drawbridges and loops to enable taller, sturdier and movable tracks and builds. Simplified, wooden cars with rubber wheels easily glide across the rubberwood tracks while carrying algebraic people designed for mathematical and dramatic play activities.


  • Block Science
  • Block Science
  • Block Science


Budding engineers create winding country roads or express highways easily connected with overmolded plastic clips. Available in three sizes to fit classroom needs.

Cars and People

Simplified cars and algebraic people introduce social-emotional expression into block play for positive cognitive growth and fine-motor control.



Unit Blocks

Classically smooth and durable, these rubberwood unit blocks create towering cities and sturdy bridges. Available in five sets of increasing size to suit any classroom size.

Block Science Inspiration Guides

Mixing an introduction to physics into the traditional benefits of block play creates a reaction so positive, it redefines the way one plays with blocks.

View our inspiration guides below: